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Uganda has a total of about 1061 bird species which  amounts to about half of the total birds species in Africa making Uganda one of  the best birding destinations in Africa.

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) is a home to over 250 bird species.

The four ecosystems at UWEC; Forest, Savannah, wetland and open fresh water provide varied habitats for the diversity of birds at the Centre.

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Center shelters ¼ of Uganda’s bird spices which include aquatic , terrestrial, migratory and native birds.

With the strategic location, diverse ecosystems, expert bird guides and documentation ,UWEC is a very commendable birding destination that gives you an opportunity to sight over 250 bird species that captive and free ranging bird species on the 72 hectares.

Below are some of the must see birds as you visit the Centre.

  1.  Black open billed stork

2)  Marabou stork

3)  Shoebill

4)  Hadada ibis

5)  Sacred ibis

6)  Little egret

7)  Grey Heron

8)  Black headed heron

9)  Cattle egret

10)  Grey crowned crane

11)  Black headed weaver

12)  Yellow backed weaver

13)  Slender billed weaver

14)  Little weaver

15) vieillolet’s black weaver

16)  Gross beaked weaver

17)  Orange weaver

18)  Spectacled weaver

19)  Black necked weaver

20)  Northern grey headed sparrow

21)  Black headed gonolek

22)  African fire finch

23)  Red billed fire finch

24)  Bronze manikin

25)  Pied manikin

26)  Red cheeked cordon bleu

27)  Black and white casqued hornbill

28)  Crowned hornbill

29)  Speckled pigeon

30)  African green pigeon

31)  Tambourine dove

32)  Ring necked dove

33)  Red eyed dove

34)  Blue spotted dove

35)  Mourning dove

36)  African thrush

37)  White browed robin-chat

38)  Snowy capped robin-chat

39)  Willow warbler

40)  Black faced rufous warbler

41)  Dark capped yellow warbler

42)  African paradise fly

43)  Northern black fly

44)  Red bellied paradise fly catcher

45)  Pied kingfisher

46)  Pygmy kingfisher

47)  Blue breasted kingfisher

48)  Woodland kingfisher

49)  Giant kingfisher

50)  Malachite kingfisher

51)  Hooded vulture

52)  Palm nut vulture

53)  Black kite

54)  Yellow billed kite

55)  Lizard buzzard

56)  African harrier hawk

57)  African fish eagle

58)  Veroxis’ eagle owl

59)  Pied crow

60)  Egyptian geese

61)  Yellow billed duck

62)  Knob billed duck

63)  Ross’ turaco

64)  Great blue turaco

65)  Eastern grey plantain

66)  Yellow fronted tinker bird

67)  Yellow ramped tinker bird

68)  Double toothed

69)  Little bee-eater

70)  White throated bee-eater

71)  Blue cheeked bee-eater

72)  Scarlet chested

73)  Bronze sun bird

74)  Red chested sunbird

75)  Green headed sunbird

76)  Common bulbul

77)  Little green bull

78)  White throated green bull

79)  Yellow throated green bull

80)  Senegal coucal

81)  White broad coucal

82)  Black and white cuckoo

83)  Diedrik cuckoo

84)  Klass’ cuckoo

85)  Grey woodpecker

86)  Cardinal woodpecker

87)  Broad billed roller

88)  Common fiscal

90)  Pied wagtail

91)  Yellow wagtail

92)  Spur winged plover

93)  Banded plover

94)  Little ringed plover

95)  Common ringed plover

96)  Black winged stilt

97)  Common sand piper

98)  Wood sandpiper

99)  Little stint

100)  Grey headed gull

101)  Common black headed gull

102)  Black crake

103)  Common green shank

104)  Gull billed tern

105)  White winged tern

106)  Brown throated wattle eye

107)  Yellow white eye

108)  Long tailed cameloptera

109)  Grey backed camelopera

110)  Angola swallow

111)  Barn swallow

112)  Lesser striped swallow

113)  Palm swift

114)  Pink backed pelican

115)  Great white pelican

116)  Rupell’s long tailed starling

117)  Glossy starling

118)  Violet backed starling

119)  White chinned prinia

120) Tawny-flanked prinia

121) Helmeted guinea fowl

122) African Grey parrot

125)brown throated wattle eye

126)Senegal coucal

127)African emerland coukoo

128)olive bellied sunbird

129)Colored sunbird

200)Blue breasted bee eater

201)Little bee eater

202)White throated bee eater

204)Double toothed barbet

205)Yellow white eye

206)Northern brown throated weaver

207)Green stone canary

208)Green plover

209)yellow ramped tinker bird

210)variable sunbird 211)Grey caped warbler

212)Grey winged robin chart

213)Marsh tchagra

214)white Fronted plover

215 yellow throated tinker bird.

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