Our Rates
Behind the Scenes ExperienceNon Residents70 USD
Residents50 USD
Ugandans50,000 UGX
Chimp Close UpNon Residents290 USD
Foreign Resident200 USD
Keeper for a DayNon Residents150 USD
Foreign Residents100 USD
Junior50 USD
VIP Exclusive Behind the Scene (with a meal and drink)Non Residents100 USD
Foreign Resident70 USD
Day VisitUgandans10,000 UGX
Ugandan Children5,000 UGX
Foreign Non Residents15  USD
Foreign Residents Adults10 USD
Foreign Resident Kids5 USD
School Parties (Primary & Secondary)Booked Schools (Mon to Wed)4,000 UGX
Booked Schools (Thursday Friday )5,000 UGX
Booked Schools (Weekends)4,000 UGX
International Schools (Special Activities)10,000 UGX
Tertiary/ Higher Institutions of learningAll week6,000 UGX
Family Banda/ CottagesNon Residents120 USD
Foreign Residents/ Ugandans270,000 UGX
Other Bandas/ CottagesDouble Non Residents ( Bed & Breakfast)70 USD
Single Non Residents (Bed ONLY)50 USD
Ugandans (Single)- ( Bed & Breakfast)80,000 UGX
Ugandan (Double)-( Bed & Breakfast)100,000 UGX
Long Stay Volunteers1 Month2,500 USD
1 Week650 USD
Filming Chimpanzees1 Day2,000 USD
General Filming1 Day700 USD
Students Research1 Month (Ugandans)300,000 UGX
1 Month (International)500 USD
Parking1 Day2000 UGX
Fees can be paid in the equivalent of Uganda shillings in cash or visa.visa