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School Programs

School Visits

Bring your class or pupils along for a visit at UWEC Zoo and joins as on the learning journey which helps you discover the unique aspects of animals under our care! Come close to them, explore, enjoy and learn. Make prior arrangements for special programs designed to fit your school or class learning abilities. UWEC is the prefect hands on learning choice in Uganda!

Guided Tours

We have specially trained educators/ guides who take visitors through an engaging and thematic guided tour of the facility. They help identify the animal species both in English and local languages, tell you about their cultural values, conservation status, animal anecdotes, habitats and help you decide on a positive conservation action to ensure species survival or recovery plan.
Although we lay special emphasis on young people, our guides are equally equipped to handle adults in a way that makes the information meaningful and entertaining.
We have our guides stationed at every animal exhibit, ready to go down the journey of conservation education with you!

Hands on Experience

Boasting a diverse and highly skilled Education Team, we provide unique learning sessions for all ages and abilities. We have tried to link environmental education sessions to the National Curriculum, using an experiential learning approach using resources such as live animals, biofacts, multimedia etc. Our animal exhibits that mimic the animals natural environment equally make the learners even appreciate the key learning!


We provide a practical hands on opportunity to students through; industrial/ internship placements as part of the requirement for the award of their different degrees and diplomas, as well as enabling them gain a much needed work experience.


Workshops and Seminars for teachers, students, youths and community leaders.
Participate in seminars, workshops and exchange ideas on how you help find solutions to the environmental challenges that affect your society. We engage leaders, communities, teachers and students as we think about the future.

Self-Guided Tour
You can have self- guided tour, by just following the signage. Get more information on; species, habitat and ecosystems relationships, functions, importance and challenges to their conservation and management.

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