Plan your visit

plan your visit

Tips for making the most of your day at UWEC

  • Make reservations for special visitor programs.
  • Arrive early to avoid the crowds and ask for the program of your preference.
  • When you arrive, ask for a map or general directions to exhibits and animals.
  • Don’t forget to check out our special day events!
  • Be aware of free ranging monkeys. Make sure you keep away all food and drinks as you start your tour.
  • Ask at the reception if you need a special guide to take you through. You don’t need to pay for guide services, as this is already included in your entrance ticket.
  • No need carry food and drinks. We have a well-stocked bar and restaurant, including a kids menu.
  • Let your kids enjoy our play facilities.
  • Come along with swimming costumes or beach play facilities and enjoy our 360 meters long beach!
  • Come along with your camera for a memorable picture, or ask for one to be taken.
  • Carry a mart or picnic chair if you wish to have privacy at our well maintained lawn.
  • If you wish, come along with your kid’s bikes, so they can ride in a safe and clean environment, at no extra cost!
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your car. If need be, alert our parking staff to give your car a special attention.
  • Ask for a free wheel chair, if you have a handicapped person or elderly in your group