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On 2nd December, 2016. Mr. Beniah Jonathan took on the initiative to contact our 24 hour line about the two Red headed love birds (Agopornis pullarius) that Tony (a good Samaritan) had help to rescue in Kulambiro- Kampala.
The tree (home) was cut down for establishment of a homestead. Imagine what the mum was up to, as she returned with no avail of the chicks and home!

The two (2) birds are happily adjusting to the new environment and will soon be set free, once they are in position to fade for themselves. We will try to maintain minimal human contact in preparation for will release. The chicks are estimated to be two (2) weeks old.

Our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Beniah Jonathan and Tony (who rescued the birds) for being good wildlife ambassadors.

Visit UWEC and see the birds, before we set them free!