Are you a working adult or a student wondering what it would be like to have a career with animals? Or are you just thinking of taking time off from your daily routine? If so, the Keeper for a Day program is for you!
Similar to a job shadowing, participants spend the day with our animal keepers who will share their passion for animals with you.
Participate in hands-on-activities such as preparing animal meals, cleaning enclosures and providing enrichment to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

  • Tourist: $ 150 Lunch and drink included
  • Foreign Residents: Adults $ 75
  • East Africans: Ugx 35

Dates and Time:
Everyday, but advance reservation is required!

For Reservations, please contact us on;

Tel: +256 414 320 520 • Fax: +256 414 320 073
Mob: +256 706 505722