Month: June 2017

Month: June 2017

UWEC receives PAAZAB Chairperson’s Award

PAAZA Chairman’s Award


The Chairman’s Award is bestowed on any individual or organisation whose contribution or service to the Association has contributed significantly to the advancement of the Association and its objectives.


We are proud that we have an Institutional Member, that through inspiring leadership, has  great success in bringing the message of conservation to its region, who is a leader in wildlife rescue and species recovery, and above all, is situated in one of the most beautiful countries in Africa.


Opening in 1952 as Entebbe Zoo, it was converted in 1994 by the Uganda Wildlife Education Trust primarily as a Conservation Education center. Animals at UWEC are used to inspire behaviour change and conservation action, especially focused on young people. Main operations include wildlife rescue, quarantine services and species recovery.


UWEC has embraced the Vision and Mission of PAAZA and has been instrumental in opening up the path of our Association into Africa, with James Musinguzi as regional Chair. It is instrumental in operating the Bushmeat Crisis Africa initiative to such an extend that it is now a registered WAZA Project. David Musingo has clearly stated their reach into Africa by his presentation at this conference. UWEC has hosted two PAAZA annual conferences as well as keeper training and other workshops.


It gives me the greatest please to bestow on the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, the PAAZA Chairperson’s Award. The PAAZA community appreciates this with great appreciation and acknowledges proudly your contributions to the association and is looking forward to continuing mutual support.


Yours sincerely


Esther van der Westhuizen

PAAZA Chairperson 2017

Meet Zakayo (54), our Chimp Champion!

A​s we mark the Heroes day in Uganda on this 9th Day of June, 2017. Very few people would actually think of some non-human primate as being champions or idols of conservation! At 54 years old, Zakayo’s name is synonymous to chimpanzees at Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. Visitors at the facility, now in their forties or fifty years of age vividly recall the days he lived in a cage. They tell stories of how he would be offered cigarettes in return for his acrobatic antics. Many visitors who saw him in the 1980’s often ask if he is actually alive or already succumbed to tuberculosis or associated ailments? On pointing out who is Zakayo at a feeding, the joy and reciting of the ruined past he went through is often the story that comes to their mind.

Zakayo has seen the arrival of new infant chimps at UWEC, often victims of; bushmeat trade, habitat destruction or pet trade since the 1970s. He makes the integration of nee or infants chimps into the group look very simple, except Kirri (maphrodite chimp).

Although he is no-longer the alpha male, Zakayo has seen the rise of Matooke, Aluma and Onapa challenge each other for the alpha male position. In all their endeavors, Zakayo comes out as a peace lover. He has not disrupted the transfer of leadership or their efforts of building alliances as an effort to cling onto the alpha male position! He is no longer involved in aggressive displays or fights. He has not built any alliance with any alpha male contender in the group. When there is chaos, he is always one individual that the aggrieved runs to for consolation.

At UWEC, we can rightly say that Zakayo (54) years is such a good grand papa and leader. He has become Senile, but still highly respected member of the UWEC Zoo chimps.

Zakayo represents a captive chimpanzee conservation success in Uganda. You are the UWEC Zoo HERO and ambassador who continues to speak out for individuals of your kind, to remain in the wild.

Happy Heroes Day from Zakayo and hope to see you soon at the Wildlife Education Centre, Entebbe.


UWEC Continues to Inspire love and care for nature!

As we join the rest of the world to mark  the World Environment Day this 5th Day of June, 2017, we need to recall that Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) formerly called the Entebbe Zoo has been educating and inspiring visitors since its inception in 1952. With over 250 incredible species, exciting and semi natural enclosures that depict Uganda’s major eco systems and environment. UWEC’s innovation has seen Ugandans and the global community visit and not only enjoy the wonders of nature, but learn how we are connected.

Its your hope that all stakeholders undertake key actions that will enable mother Earth continue to support us, beyond our own generation. We call upon members of the public to embrace simple actions that will enable us live in a more sustainable manner. We encourage people to embrace simple actions such as not to litter, reduce acts that promote human wildlife conflicts, energy or water conservation, tree planting etc.

At UWEC, we believe that it’s just the simple actions we undertake each day that will make a difference.

UWEC zoo is a great day out paradise for people of all walks of life and ages. We can share these and more actions on your next visit and help connect people to nature!

Happy World Environment Day.

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