Month: November 2016

Month: November 2016

Meet our 63 Kilograms Rock Python!

We were contacted by Mr. Kasozi a resident of one of the villages near Bujuko town along Mityana road on Tel No.0790852593 and his communication asserted that they had captured a big snake and they wanted UWEC to respond by going to collect it from their farm.

Dr. Kyaligonza instructed our team to go for this rescue mission and we set off from the centre at around 11:00 am and we reached the scene at around 2 O’clock.
The snake was found tied by a plastic rope on two opposite trees. The residents had captured the reptile in the morning. She weighed kilograms, twice the weight of our current individuals.

The African rock python was tied in the middle part of its body leaving the head alert and ready to strike at anyone who tried attack or come close to her.

The residents were sensitized on the need to coexist with other creatures.
Visit us and learn more about reptiles.

Look out for our new lion- Kasanga

We are pleased to inform you that through the Paradise Wildlife Park- (UK) program; Bringing Back Lions to Africa. Soon, the centre will be receiving Kasanga, a 6 year male lion.

The centre received a male lion- Letaba from South African Lion Park, as a replacement for the 18 year old Kibonge (RIP) in 2014.
The head of the cats at the Paradise wildlife Park, Ian Jones, says the concerned parties are working on getting the necessary paper work like the international certificates to facilitate the transportation of the Lion to Uganda.

“Through Paradise wildlife safari Park, we have coordinated with Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordhsire who have currently decided that they would like to have their lion come here to UWEC and we are hopeful it will be here this month or so” Mr Jones said.

Make time and visit UWEC so that you can see; Letaba (lion) and three lionesses; Zara , Biza and Mutagamba.

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