Month: November 2014

Month: November 2014

Just like Humans, monkeys too take a nap!

In our everyday life as humans, the day can be so hard and punctuated with lots of stress, hunger etc.  Although quite similar to our distant cousins; the velvet monkeys, it can even be more challenging especially when you live in an urban area like Entebbe.

The wildlife education centre, has become a safe haven for many troops chased from Kituubulu, Nkumba, Lunyo, the Airport, Katabi and other surrounding areas that have seen an increased rate of forest conversion for human settlement.

These free range monkeys always wonder around the forest and the compound, waiting to find their victim, often a visitor carrying food, aware that the forests at UWEC is so small to provide food for all of the victims of human development (displaced monkeys).

With installation of new caution signs, that warns our visitors to take extra precaution with their food. It is becoming hard for the free range residents to get “freebies” as they used to. They have to therefore depend on leaves, aunts, wild fruits from the forest, and compete with the new comers on each day.

Marcus caught up with this velvet at 5 pm seemingly exhausted and having  a nap on the new fence!

The visitors asked as questions such as;

If he falls off the fence, can’t they break?

  • Unlike Humans, monkeys have very short bones and joints which enables them to to break easily.
  • Their tail is an additional adaption to help them grasp branches in event that the hands and legs are compromised.

Pay us a visit and learn more about animals.

Bye to our Long Stay Volunteer!

It was an emotional weekend as the staff said good bye to Mr. Macus Eames at the beach!

As he awaits to join his University Education in the United Kingdom, Marcus decided to come and help out in the Animal and Horticulture department for one and half months, here at UWEC. At only 17 years, he is full of energy and enthusiasm and always willing to undertake new challenges.

We hope that Marcus will find time in the next summer holidays to join the team once again.

The UWEC team wishes Marcus the best in his endeavors!

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