Have you ever thought about sitting face to face or shake hands with your closest cousin without a barrier in between? Subject to valid health proof come close to our closest relatives! We believe that it is through us getting to know them, that we shall be inclined to save the few individuals that remain in the world.
Listen to an informative chimp talk from our caregivers, and get ready to be groomed by the infants for an hour.
Do you believe they can hold a cup, peel a banana or ask for more food? Find out all these and much more when you serve or watch them having breakfast, and discover what a unique opportunity one ought not to miss in their life-time!


Make a contribution of $ 290 and be sure you have helped us maintain them as well as saving those in the wild!
Dates and Time:
The activity is arranged Monday to Sunday, early morning at 7.30 am. The activity starts with a brief introduction by one of the keepers.

Prior reservation and health clearance is required!

For Reservations, please contact us on;

Tel: +256 414 320 520 • Fax: +256 414 320 073
Mob: +256 706 505722
Email: info@uwec.ug